Spicy Salsa Smashburgers

Spicy Salsa Smashburgers

Spice up the classic smashburger with some Killer Salsa and pickled jalapenos!  The 4 ounce patties guarantee a crisp burger that lets the variety of toppings shine through. Pair this with some chili roasted sweet potato fries and a cold one…. now THAT’s a party!


1 pound ground beef

1 pound ground pork

1 T garlic powder

1 T salt

1 T oregano

1 T chili powder

½ T black pepper

Parchment paper squares

16 ounces Hot Killer Salsa

2 cups shredded cheddar or Monterrey jack

16 ounces pickled jalapenos

2 large red onions

2 large tomatoes

2 cups guacamole – Killer Guac is great on these!  See website for recipe!

8 brioche buns

Combine the meat and spices in a large mixing bowl.  Form the meat mixture into 8 round balls of 4 ounces each.  Slice your red onions and tomatoes into thick slices and set aside.  Heat your flat top to high.  Place red onion slices on grill.  Grill about five minutes per side or until charred.  While your onions are cooking, place burgers on flat top about 5 inches apart and top with parchment paper.  Using a cast iron press, press directly down on burger until it is approximately ½ inch thick and creates an even patty.  Remove parchment paper.  Repeat with remaining burgers and parchment.  Once the burgers are seared on one side, flip and top each burger with 2 ounces of salsa and shredded cheese.  Cover with dome to melt cheese.  Add your brioche buns to the flat top to toast them. 

To serve, remove your brioche buns from the flat top.  Spread guac on bottom halves of bun.  Add salsa burger patty, more guac, pickled jalapenos, a thick slice of grilled red onion and sliced tomato.  Top with remaining brioche half.  Serve immediately with lots of napkins!